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Ri265 Specs

  • Length: 26’
  • Beam: 102”
  • Draft: 36”
  • Weight: 6,400 lb
  • Capacity: Yacht Certified
  • Fuel: 92 gal
  • Std. Ballast: 3,350 lb
  • Max Ballast: 5,650 lb

Ri Series Standard Features

  • DropZone Power Tower with side tow points
  • Dual Screen Dash & Billet Paddle Shifters
  • Opti-V hull
  • Tandem Axle Extreme Trailer
  • WetSounds Audio & Wireless Phone Charger
  • Single Layer GatorStep
  • 2,900 lb to 3,350 lb standard ballast
  • PCM 5.3L ZZ5 (Ri230/245) & 6.2L ZZ6 Engine (Ri265) with 2:1 Transmission
  • Interior Slide Seat Base & Transom Flip-Up seating
  • Hinged Seats
  • Ski Pylon
  • Dual batteries with glovebox control switches
  • GPS Cruise Control
  • Ri Exclusive upholstery accent stitching
  • Billet Glove Box Lid
  • Docking Lights
  • Cobra Racing Driver’s Seat

Ri Series Popular Upgrades

  • WetSounds or Roswell Tower Speakers
  • Dual or Triple Layer GatorStep
  • PCM ZZ6 DI Engine (Ri230 and Ri245)
  • Ramfill Ballast
  • 2,500 lbs P&P ballast
  • QuickSurf Pro Surf System
  • Ice Breaker Package (Heater, heated driver’s seat, wind dam)
  • Sewlong Bimini
  • Flip-up interior backrests
  • Roswell Boardracks
  • Silent Stinger Exhaust
  • ROV Camera system
  • Slide Seat Backrests
  • Triple Axle Trailer
  • Powered Driver’s Seat Base

Ri Series Design Elements

  • Traditional bow with bold, aggressive styling
  • Standard with more premium features than Fi
  • Maximum interior depth & storage

Systems Overview

Boat Introduction

Introduce the customer to the boat starting on the outside. Highlight the exterior size, styling & rigidity of the hull. If out of the water, also show hardware such as the QuickSurf Pro tabs & Silent Stinger exhaust, as well as the “V” shape of the hull at the transom.

Key Highlights:

  • Fi: Showcase the interior layout and sleek styling, backrest height, Spradling vinyl, GatorStep, storage and ballast locations. Also point out any optional upgrades like the flip-up backrests, slide seat, pop-up ski pylon, wireless phone charger, and stereo package.
  • Ri: Lead with the Ri being the flagship series. Showcase bold styling, depth & size of the interior, and all premium features that come standard with the Ri series; DropZone power tower, Cobra Captain’s seat, Flip-up transom seating, Slide seat, wireless phone charger, and ski pylon.

Opti-V Hull and Ride Quality

Centurion is the only towboat to utilize a modified V hull, meaning that the hull has continued deadrise from the keel all the way through the transom. This allows the boat to cut through the water instead of having a flatter surface at the transom that produces a hard impact across the water like our competitors. Utilizing the Stinger tab allows you to adjust the running altitude of the boat while underway.

Key Highlights: This results in unmatched ride quality and comfort while underway. Because of the shape of the hull, there is no unnecessary drag created which also keeps RPMs at an efficient level and reduces the overall engine noise while providing maximum fuel efficiency.

Dash Functionality

Put the customer in the driver’s seat and walk them through the layout of the screens as well as what each page controls. While in each page, explain how each part of the system works so they understand each aspect individually. Examples include Stereo, Ballast, Surf System, cruise control, audio controls, paddle shifters, rider profiles, and camera display.

Ballast and Distribution

Unique to Centurion is the overall capacity and weight distribution of the ballast system. With as many as 7 ballast locations, the weight is more evenly distributed from bow to stern than any other towboat.

Key Highlight: Explain Ramfill and how it functions as well as the added benefits; less time filling and draining, ease of use, and ability to change locations on the lake without fully draining the boat.

Surf System, Wave, and Adjustability

Centurion utilizes a tab-style surf system that works with the hull creating lift to fine-tune the wave created by the Opti-V hull. QuickSurf Pro is a customizable and transferable system allowing you to surf any wave shape on either side in a matter of seconds. The Opti-V hull combined with industry-leading ballast capacities is how we deliver the world-class waves we are known for. With the ballast locations, QSP system, and the Stinger tab, this is the most adjustable and customizable wave on the market.

Key Highlight: Visually walk the customer through the changes in the wave while adjusting cruise control, QSP, and Stinger tab settings to show adjustability in real-time. This helps show that the boat can accommodate any rider and wave preference regardless of skill level.